What are TS files? How to convert?

TS is a video format that DVDs support. If you need to add videos to a DVD you need to convert it as TS file. The full form of TS is Transport Stream and they also store information and audio. These are specified for MPEG-2 part 1 systems that helps compress video data. There are multiple pieces of data that the TS files hold in a container-format. It helps allow simultaneous streaming of video, audio, and data. You can convert TS files to AVI, WMA, MP3, MP4, WMV, and MPG.
How to convert?
You need to use ts converter that helps you change video format from TS to other formats and vice versa. You simply need to download and follow the instructions. Video conversion is easy and millions of people need this facility every day. Simply download the software, run it in your laptop and choose your video file. Check the type it is in and convert it to the type you prefer.
Why you need to convert?
There are hundreds of reasons why you might need to convert a video. Check out the most common ones below:

  1. To suit the device

Suppose you need to add videos to a DVD. You need to convert the video to the file type DVDs accept. TS files are primarily used in DVDs. When you convert a video to TS and add it to the DVD, it can run on any device seamlessly. This might not be the same when you add other files to DVD. All DVD players don’t accept every video format type.

  1. To suit the platform

Suppose you want to upload a video on Facebook. You will rather convert your video to AVI or MPG, but not a TS file. For this, you might need to change a TS file into other formats. The size and the clarity of a video matters to you and your audience. Large files like TS don’t just need time to upload, but also take time to stream.

  1. To keep options open

You might need to access a video in a different device and you don’t know what file type it can accept. You keep different versions of video format open so that one of them works out. You need such backup plans for presentations or meetings. You never know where you’d have to run the file, so you need to be prepared.

  1. To increase the usage

Everyone loves to watch or make videos right now. Most of these videos come from images and clips that have to be shot or extracted. When you make a video by adding several pieces together, you will want to work with a compatible format. With the help of a converter, you can use the file type your computer can support.
These were some of the reasons why you’d need a video converter. If you’re looking to convert TS files, download the best video converter and ease out your task.