How to Choose the Ideal Web Hosting for Your Small Business?

The markets are highly competitive, and people expect a business, regardless of its size, to deliver top-notch services. In fact, they expect small businesses to deliver services comparable to large corporations at lower prices (talk about market expectation!). When it comes to the online presence of the business, the expectations are no different. The online community expects a website to load in no time, have minimal downtimes, and offer a great site experience, regardless of the size of the company running the site. Even Google considers the speed of the website as a factor in its search ranking algorithm. Talking about websites, the web hosting plan plays a crucial role in the speed and performance of the site. Today, we are talking about small businesses and how they can choose the ideal web host.

Choosing the ideal web hosting for your small business

There are various types of hosting services available in the market. These include Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Server, etc. While each hosting type offers certain benefits, a Shared Hosting service is ideal for small business websites for the following reasons:

1. Affordability

In a Shared Hosting plan, your website is stored on a server that is shared among many sites. Hence, the server and maintenance costs are divided between all users. This makes it a highly affordable option. While you can choose between a Windows and Linux Shared Hosting plan, the open-source platform of Linux allows the host to offer more affordable hosting services.

2. Quick Support

As a small business owner, you cannot afford to have a website that has regular downtimes due to technical snags. With Linux Shared Hosting, the web host takes care of all the technical aspects of the server. Also, since there are multiple users on the same server, and one issue can impact several websites, the host ensures that the response is quick. This, in turn, ensures that your website does not face frequent downtimes.

3. Easy to use

Linux Shared Hosting plans are easy to use and typically include all the basic tools needed for getting a small website online. You also get a cPanel with these plans that makes managing your website effortless. Some providers also include Softaculous – an easy 1-click installer with more than 400 ready-to-install apps.

4. Scalability

Linux Shared Hosting is great for websites with lesser traffic and small business sites. However, as the website grows, it can start exceeding its available resources. However, since the resources are shared, they have a certain amount of room to grow. However, if it grows beyond a certain limit, then you might need to look for a hosting plan with more resources.

Summing Up

Shared Hosting plans have been the go-to name for many low-traffic websites, startups and small business sites. Being easy on the pockets and offering all the features of good hosting service, these plans are the best fit for such sites. Also, Linux-based Shared Hosting plans allow you to leverage the benefits of Linux too, making them the ideal web hosting for your small business.