Four Reasons Learning English is Important

many benefits are achieved if someone has excellent English language skills. The current global conditions require each individual to have special abilities, whether abilities in the field of technology or the field of language.

Here are several reasons for learning English is important

1. Communicate globally

English is used in almost all over the world. There are at least 101 countries that use English as the primary language for communication. This indicates that English is a language that must be mastered by individuals. With its extensive usage, English is the first language to communicate with other people around the world.

2. Continuing education

Choosing to be proficient in English will also present more educational opportunities. Whether it’s education at universities abroad or elite universities in the country. You can study at Wells  American International School Bangkok, before continuing to the University of Foreign Affairs. After you are proficient in English, more educational opportunities will come your way.

3. Improve career

If you can communicate in English, you will be able to interact well to make your business and education trips easier. Especially if you are proficient in English, you will become an asset for companies that can lead to more job opportunities, salary increases, and promotions.

4. Vacation abroad

If you plan to travel overseas and plan only to learn one language, you must study English. Although English is not the most widely spoken language in the world, English is the language that is used in most countries.