• 29/02/2024

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL or Secure Socket Layer is a security protocol that creates a secure connection between a web server and a browser using encryption. SSL certificate is a digital certificate that verifies the authenticity of your website and protects sensitive user information as it travels around on the internet. 

Why do you need SSL certificates? 

While you are surfing through various websites on your web browser, the small padlock that you see in the address bar indicates that the page is using the SSL protocol and all sensitive information is encrypted and safe. Today SSL is a necessity.  

  1. Encryption:

Having SSL certificates, it keeps you worry-free, you can be sure that all your data is secure and can be accessed only by the intended recipient. If at all a hacker intercepts the connection he will not be able to retrieve any usable information.

  1. Authenticity:

SSL certificates also provide authentication to a website. It means that when you are sending in information, it is going to the right server. An imposter cannot steal data as Trusted SSL providers issue certificates only after verification and identity checks.  

  1. Visual reassurance: 

With SSL certificates, when users open your website, the address bar will show a lock, or the address bar turns green. These visual cues will influence your customers to buy from you. These visual elements together add to the reassurance among the website visitors and users.

  1. Boosting SEO: 

When was the last time you searched for something on Google and made your way up till the second page? Chances are you haven’t even scrolled till the last. Websites try real hard to get their page show up as the first result or at least show on the first page. However, Google and other search engine’s algorithm works in mysterious ways. 

But one thing we know for sure, a website’s credibility relies on the SSL certificate. Google, as a preferred search option, wants its users’ data to be safe. Hence, sites with an SSL certificate are preferred and shown on top. Thus, SSL also helps boost SEO.

Drawbacks of SSL Certificates

Time to flip the coin. It’s no secret that everything has both pros and cons, and SSL is no exception.

The one and the most obvious disadvantage is the cost. SSL certificates do not come cheap. As the SSL providers have to validate your identity, you have to pay a high amount to get the certification. 

But you don’t have to worry! All the popular web hosting providers in India provide feature-rich plans with free SSL certification. Be it Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting or Cloud Server Hosting services, make sure that you get an SSL to secure your website data.

With so many benefits, why would anyone not want an SSL certificate? 

SSL certificate if used ideally on your website, will protect you, build customer loyalty and trust, and ensure customer conversion and retention.