• 21/04/2020

Types Of Action Camera And Advice Of What To Buy Based On The Sport You Wants to Record

As you probably know, the demand for action cameras is booming and as competitive as ever. More and more customers turn to it, as it provides excellent value for its quality and affordability. In this article, the types of action cameras available in the market will be addressed. The uses of each type and, in the end, which one best fits your needs will be addressed. If you are new to or want to learn more about the action cameras, you can read more about it on pointsofviewcameas.com for opinions of the best type.

Here are the various kinds of the action camera.

  • Box style

So, if you are familiar with, or have been looking at, action cameras for some time, I am very sure you have seen action cameras in box-style. This is because most action cameras fall under this category like famous models such as GoPro Hero 5 Black, SJCAM SJ4000, Eken H9R, Thieye T5e, Yi, etc. But there are many options to make.

Box-style action cameras are the most versatile in this list, as they can be used almost anywhere, from holidays to skydiving, etc. This is because the accessories that are attached to these cameras can be used interchangeably. If you want to purchase an SJCAM camera and then decide to move to a ThiEYE or GoPro, you can still have the accessories and use them with your changed camera.

  • Periscope style

This is not really called an action camera because, in my view, it is not hard enough, but the only periscope-style action camera I have ever seen is the HTC Re. Therefore, the following in this model will be exact. The HTC Re is fascinating in that it has a grip sensor that can be turned on and off depending on your grip.

It is waterproof and resistant to dust. Although this camera might not feel very robust to film underwater shots, it is undoubtedly long-lasting enough to travel (can easily fit into pockets). It can be said to be one of the best value action cameras to travel and save ideas of vacation travel out there in the market.

  • Cube style

This type of action camera is lightweight and portable (most lightweight in this whole list) and is generally used if you want to install it in a small area or if you want smaller and more handheld cameras for action. Usually, there is only one button to start and stop the recording. Start, turn on the camera, while halting the recording turns off the monitor, so no idle time.

  • Bullet style

This is called bullet-style because it looks like a bullet, and its sleek is very long. There are no big brands, as far as I know, at least I know that they are skilled in doing this, and now they are mainly Chinese so that consistency can be a little uncertain.

I believe this is more to install in places that need this sort of shape and is also very useful for mounting on your RC car or quadcopter as the weight will be distributed very evenly, and thus your riding will be more stable and not lobby to one side. It is also used to film bikes because you can conveniently install it on the stem of your wheel.

  • 360˚ Style

Lastly, the 360 type cameras: A lot of them are for company use in the past, but now there are plenty for personal use.

This is really good if you’re in sightseeing, traveling, etc. but if your main emphasis is on extreme sports (wakeboarding, mountain biking) or general sports (cycling, running). It might not appear to be your best choice as these cameras aren’t excellent as there’s a lot of delicate lenses inside so that it won’t be suitable for these activities. 360 cameras are used for filming normal activities (cycling, hiking, roller coaster). Still, they are rarely used for filming extreme events (mountain biking, wakeboarding). After all, it entails too much danger because it is fragile.

These are five essential things to look out for in every action camera.

1. Video Quality

2. Size and Shape

3. Accessories

4. Durability

5. Battery Life