• 29/06/2023

Tips On Branding Your Website In 2023

The main aim of a website is to be fully functional. It is also there to represent your brand and sell your product/service. If your website is well-designed, it will create a better customer experience. That will lead to more conversions for your website, generating more revenue each year.

Although it may sound easy, getting a well-built website that looks good isn’t easy. It is something that many web developers struggle with, leaving it to their design agency in Nottingham.

Let’s look at how you can brand your website and ensure you are ticking all of the right boxes with your website.

Branding Is Key

One of the best things about a website is your branding. Before you work on the content of your branding and the marketing side, you need to ensure the branding is correct. Having consistent branding on your website communicates to your customers what your business is about.

It isn’t just your website that you need to worry about the branding. You also need to consider the consistency of your social channels. You cannot have one logo on your website and have a different logo on your social media pages. Make sure you remain consistent or else you confuse your customers.

High-Quality Imagery

High-quality images show that you are professional and it improves the user experience on your website. There are many other positives to this as well. High-quality images can help improve the page speed on your website.

You must hire a professional photographer for your products that you can use on your website as well as social media channels. You must have unique images on your website as well. Again, this looks more professional to your customers/ clients.

Branding Is Key In Your Content

Amongst getting your branding right for the imagery and videos, your content is also important. You need to establish that it is you that offers the service or product. Mentioning your brand name in your content is also important as it shows you are proud of what you offer. Furthermore, your content needs to be written in 2nd person which is “we and us”.

Respect Blank Space

There are several websites out there in the cloud that don’t embrace blank space. A well-experienced website design agency in Manchester would ensure there is enough blank space across your website. This is to help separate the content from each other. Plus, content can be difficult to read if it is too close together. Not only does it help users to navigate around your website easier but, it makes your visual content stand out more.

Make It Clear What You Do

Another important part of your website is to make sure you are making it clear what you do. It should be all over your website so customers and clients understand what you do. If you have a website that has endless words of content but doesn’t mention what you do or who you are, customers probably won’t buy a product from you.