• 26/05/2023

The Best and Worst of Samsung Phones

Technology is eating deep into our way of life. We have cars, aeroplanes, lifts, roads, laptops, et cetera. Perhaps, one of the most accepted invention due to technology is the mobile phone technology. Too many youths and adults alike, phones are the foundation upon which their lives are built, exaggeratedly, of course. Still, it is unarguable that most of our social and business relationships are conducted over the net. The laptop or personal computer can do this well, but they lack the portability that makes a phone special. Phones have evolved from being heavy and shapeless, mere tools for communicating with a loving relative to lighter, more defined, and beautiful features that act as a personal computer.

Little wonder that because of the high demand in the mobile phone market, phone manufacturers are always trying to outwit each other with their products. You may say that this industry is one of the most competitive, and you wouldn’t be wrong. We have had beautiful products from Nokia, Motorola, Microsoft, Techno, Apple, and Samsung phones over the years. They always try to beat each other in creating note-worthy products that attract over 5 billion people with access to phones.

Samsung phones have proved to be one of the most accepted and reliable phone manufacturers. There have been different models over the years, and all have managed to be the rage of its season. There have been many Samsung galaxy analyses and comparisons with all other phone brands too over the years. Let us check out the pros and cons of the Samsung phone world;

Pros of the Samsung smartphones

·         Excellent innovative hardware

They remain one of the best innovative hardware companies in the world, making arguably, the best cameras, phone processor, and display. They also have the best memory and RAM on their phones. They are the first phone manufacturers to provide a curved screen on their phone, mass-market the OLED display—talk about competition. They are also one of the first brands that provided a fingerprint and a heartbeat sensor. Samsung has succeeded in wowing the world with its waterproof and built-in wireless charging capability.

·         They provide useful features

They provide many useful phone features like flashlight, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, aeroplane mode, et cetera. It is also possible to connect it to your television or a projector, whatever the cause for which you need it. There is a built-in gameplay app for gamers, a mobile print app to connect to any wireless Samsung printer and print directly from your phone.

Cons of the Samsung smartphones

·         Battery life

As marvellous as they are in the hardware aspect, they face an uphill task in the software area. A new Samsung phone charges fast and have a long charge life, but after some years, they begin to perform poorly.

·         Bloatware

In many cases, the phones come with applications that are not useful to the user and cannot be deleted. This can be frustrating as storage space is taken up quickly.

They also have downsides when it comes to their thermal management, software updates, and its processing power. All in all, though Samsung phones are a delight to have.