• 24/10/2023

Smart Sailing With Your Little One

Sailing with family is now famous for many reasons. Sailing makes you and your family able to visit many places. By sailing, you and your family don’t have to go in and out of hotels and wrestle with goods to reach new destinations. Complete facilities in the boat are enough to provide many activities to fill the holiday. If you and your family are interested, you can visit Phuket, Thailand. This tourist destination is known for having many beautiful beaches that you can visit with Island Hopping or better known as sailing exploring the island. You and your family can rent a Boat Charter Phuket at Yacht Sourcing. This boat rental agency offers several tours around Phuket that you can try with your family.

Sailing is indeed a fun activity, especially for children who are actively exploring the world. If, by chance, you can bring your little one to this vacation, be sure to keep your little one calm and safe while sailing. Here are some tips for keeping your little one calm and safe while sailing.

Give information to your child

Involve your child in planning this holiday. Provide the right information through brochures, books, and films about the atmosphere and activities that can be done while sailing. Usually, when on the boat, the routine will change immediately. These changes then make children fussy somehow. By telling them in the beginning, adaptation to the atmosphere and the new place is easier to do.

Pack your belongings

When traveling, dealing with packing, your baby’s belongings is quite troublesome. In addition to packing your favorite clothes and toiletries, don’t forget to bring sunscreen, mosquito repellent, and anti-seasick medication for children. Dontforget to bring a favorite toy or book to prevent your child from experiencing boredom.

Emphasize the Safety Aspect

Once on the boat, start a conversation with your child about the importance of following the rules. Explain that the boat is designed to stay safe, but anything still can happen. Check and show the existence of a buoy just in case. Also, remind children to always ask for permission when going out of the room or going to entertainment facilities. Tell them not to run around to avoid the risk of bumping into other people or injuries due to slipping.

Those are some tips for vacationing with your little one while sailing.