Recharge Versus Bill Payment

The topic of debate here is – which is better – prepaid or postpaid?  Well the answer completely depends on the usage of the mobile connection. Services offered by cellular operators are widely divided into 3 broad categories – voice, data and SMS.  Depending on whether a particular service or all of them together will be used heavily or lightly, subscribers need to choosethe connection type.
The general concept is that if you are tight on budgets, it is better to go in for the prepaid connection. This is because there is zero monthly rental charged by operators for prepaid connection. Post paid connections are costlier because of the additional rental amount.
Also with prepaid connection, there is always the flexibility of recharging the connection whenever required. When you run low on balance, go ahead and recharge. Since recharging is possible online too now, it is absolute your choice and wish when you want to recharge and for how much you want to depending on your budget and affordability. Since recharge plans are available in varying denominations, one can choose as per requirement and money in hand. This is exactly the reason why the number of prepaid mobile subscribers in India is much higher than postpaid ones.
The prepaid connection is ideal for people who have low usage of mobile phones – their calls are limited because of various reasons, messaging service used is minimal and even internet is used for basic browsing and checking emails once or twice a day. Compare this to a usage pattern where there is a continuous flow of incoming and outgoing calls, multiple SMS being exchanged and internet is also thoroughly used through the day.  This person should ideally go in for a postpaid connection because in lieu of the rental monthly charge, the operator provides him with certain amount of free talk time, SMS and even data usage. In fact, higher the rental more is the freebies that are offered by the telecom operator.
One of the biggest disadvantages of owning a prepaid connection is that once the recharge value becomes zero or decreases to a certain value, the outgoing calls, SMS and even using of data network is barred. This is something that does not generally happen with postpaid subscribers. There would be a penalty that would be charged for late payment of bills but the services will never be stopped thereby providing seamless communication at all times.
One of the latest trends to hit the Indian telecom subscribers market is the possession of two or more mobile connections by an individual subscriber – one being the postpaid types and the other one being the prepaid type. This trend has been catching up ever since some of the telecom operators started providing cheap recharge packs putting in abundant freebies and services in a bundle. Either ways – to keep your connection active, it is important that you have your recharges and payments done on time. With easy and convenient online recharging facility, the recharge gets through in minimum time.