• 01/11/2020

Learn to Dive? These are 5 essential things for beginners!

Learning to dive is not difficult, as long as we do it right. To help you as a beginner, we will share specific tips and tricks. Here are 5 things you must know when diving

1. First, find out your limits and abilities

Diving is fun but also risky at the same time. Personal safety must be considered to prevent bad things happened. This personal safety depends on two conditions, namely health and self ability. If you don’t feel good enough to dive, don’t force yourself to do it. Wait until you are in a healthy condition.

2. Make sure all tools are complete and fit

If there are no problems and you are finally can start the diving lesson, make sure the equipment is complete and in good condition. The essential personal tools that must be carried for diving are:

b)diving snorkel
c)regulator sets
d)buoyancy control devices
f)diving computers
h)scuba tanks

3. Let the body adapt

When you gets into the water, of course you will start to feel different. The changes are usually felt in the lungs and ears. To overcome this, there are simple ways you can do. You can relieve the pressure on the lungs by adapting, breathing as usual through the air carried in a tank. Then, for the pressure on the ear can be removed by moving the jaw to the left and right. If that hasn’t worked, you can also gently close the nostrils, then blow or pump air from the body through the nose.

4. Don’t panic

Many people panic when they are learning to dive for the first time. Things that usually cause panic are:

a)differences in how to breathe
b)slight pain in the eyes when water enters the mask
c)fear of looking down because the water is dark blue
d) a sense of surprise because of the many coral reefs in various forms.

This panic is a natural thing for beginners. To avoid this feeling, you need to learn continuously.

5. Never dive alone

Make sure experienced instructors always accompany you. Follow the instructions, and don’t hesitate to communicate with your instructor if you face any difficulties. Beginner divers should enjoy every dive trip they take. However, always make sure that your dive in the appropriate depth and time.

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