• 26/10/2022

Get to know more about International Schools

Slowly but surely, the existence of british international school in Thailand has increased. One of them is the Bangkok Patana School. The International School offers a quality education system. For that reason, international school becomes the most excellent choice to get the best education for children.

So what are the benefits of being a student in an international school?


The curriculum used in international schools refers to international curricula, such as the Cambridge International Examination (CIE) and International Baccalaureate (IB). To implement this curriculum, schools must obtain official certification from the relevant institution. Teachers and existing facilities are, of course, has an excellent standard.

Learning System

There are fewer subjects taught in international schools. They only focus on mathematics, English, physics, chemistry, and several selected subjects. Even its not as many as a public school, but the material studied is more in-depth.


In terms of facilities, international schools, on average, have complete facilities. Starting from a comfortable classroom, a full library collection, sports facilities, multimedia learning media, and laboratories.

School assignment

Students in international schools also get different tasks. Usually, international-based schools provide more practical assignments rather than theoretical ones.

Learning activities are not boring

In international schools, your child is given many opportunities to talk and explain the material. So, students can also become teachers for their friends.

Good at English

Most international schools use English. every student in the international school will be proficient in English since they are always interacting with the teacher or friend using English. One of the most important reasons for learning to get a more decent job. By having the ability to speak using two languages, of course, someone will get a better opportunity in the future. Besides, we will be able to get a career at an international level if our English language skills are excellent.