• 27/02/2024

Common Myths and Facts About Domain Name Transfers

Are you thinking about changing your website domain names? The process may seem complex if you don’t know much about changing names. You may be looking for domain transfer asĀ  you might want better service, combine all your accounts, or lower the cost of renewing them. But if you can see the facts behind some of the most common misconceptions, you will see that the process is very easy with NZ domain hosting.

Whether you want to consolidate multiple domains or find a cheaper registrar, with straightforward steps and support, switching domain is an easy way to gain better service  and renewal savings across your domain for years to come.

We’re going to bust some popular myths about domain name changes.

Myth 1 – Transferring Will Shorten my Registration Period

There is a widespread misconception that moving registrars would result in losing a portion of the term you have already registered for your domain.

However, this does not hold correct in many  instances. As a kind of incentive, the new registrar will add an extra year to the total term of your registration when you transfer a domain. This is done to show their appreciation for your business.

For example, if you had six months remaining on your current domain term after the transfer, that could become 18 months until expiration, thanks to the bonus year. So, there’s no need to wait until a domain nears its expiration date before initiating a transfer. You can switch anytime.

Myth 2 –  My Website will go Down During Transfer

Another frequent worry is that transferring a domain name will interrupt an existing website. Your nameservers, DNS records, and other vital settings typically stay the same when you transfer registrars. As long as your domain registration and web hosting accounts are separate, your site should remain up and running before, during, and after the transfer.

In the rare case, if you decide to switch hosting companies simultaneously, there may be brief downtime. However, if the companies are properly coordinated, disruptions can be minimised.

Myths 3 – Transferring Domains is a Big Hassle

Some believe opting for a cheap domain transfer domain takes an excessive amount of time and effort. However, the steps are far similar than you might assume. The process is now quick, easy, risk-free and straightforward. Generally, you only need to: 

  1. Unlock the domain for transfer at the old registrar
  2. Obtain the transfer authorization or “EPP” code

The process only requires a few minutes of your time to unlock your domain and collect the Authorisation code from the original registrar. After securing permission via the EPP code, the new registrar handles the rest, informing you of progress. Though transfers typically take 3 to 5 days, you don’t need to do anything more during that waiting period.

Myth 4 – There are no Real Saving from Transferring

When you transfer domain to a new host yet affordable registrar, the savings from lower renewals add up over time, many companies also offer first-year registration discounts or other transfer incentives that make the switch even more attractive money-wise.

The dollars saved are substantial if you calculate compound savings across multiple domain renewals spanning years. Transferring is one of the easiest ways to get significant long-term savings on domains.

The Takeaway

There are widespread misconceptions that domain transfers are difficult and risky for websites. However, reputable businesses ensure that transfers go off without a hitch. In addition, strategic planning eliminates the possibility of hosting errors or miscommunication. Does the process of transferring domain names seem to be complicated?