Best Shopping Destination in the World

Shopping is one of the activities that you should not miss while traveling abroad. Some countries in the world have a unique shopping place. Here are some:

Shopping Paradise in Bangkok, Thailand

Maybe you are already familiar with some online shops that claim that their goods are imported from Bangkok. In the field of fashion, imported fashion from Bangkok has a chic and stylish design at affordable prices.

If you come to Bangkok, get ready to be a shopaholic!  Prepare a large suitcase and book a place to stay, such as in Solitaire 4 Star Hotel Sukhumvit Solitare Hotel is close to several shopping places such as Platinum Mall, Union Mall, Terminal 21, Central World, and Siam Square.

You can also visit Khao San Road, which is a famous shopping street in Bangkok. This place is filled with many stalls selling a variety of unique items at low prices. You can also taste some tasty snacks here, such as TomYam.


Looking for goods that are cheap with international quality? Hong Kong is the answer! Hong Kong is crowned as one of the shopping destinations for tourists around the world. No need to worry about confusion in looking for goods, shopkeepers in Hong Kong are known to be friendly and will be happy to take you around the store to see every collection they have

Seoul in Korea

Korean Pop or K-Pop culture is famous for a long time. Many people are starting to follow the trend of Korean-style clothing. Not only fashion, cosmetics, skincare, and culinary have also become a trend right now. If you love K-pop, you can hunt for a collection of music CDs, light sticks, and even your favorite girl and boyband merchandise accessories.

The capital of Korea, Seoul, is one of the right shopping destinations for you who want to complete the collection of Korean goods. If you like collecting some makeup or skincare products from Korean brands, you can visit the streets of Myeondong.

Tokyo, Japan

If you want to shop for lots of unique things and tend to be weird, Tokyo can be one of your choices. Japan never runs out of ideas in making amazing products. Sometimes it seems unusual, but that is the attraction of this city. Not surprisingly, many people go to Tokyo to shop and hunt for many unique items that are full of surprises and innovations.