KEF audio system are renowned for their top quality and trendy design. All sizes of speakers can produce sound, and the reasons why tweeters are small and woofers are big has much to do with the size of the pressure wave they’re trying to reproduce and the weight and characteristics of the transferring ‘panel’ – which in the case of a speaker is usually a cone, a dome or often a flat diaphragm.

The series was designed exclusively for Indian customers to experience Hello-fi music in the thinnest potential metallic body with a customized Funtouch OS. These carefully crafted, sleek and light-weight handsets are full of specs to complement the enthusiastic, energetic and passionate Indian youth of immediately.

Certain tweaks, like the correct placement of your loudspeakers, secure furnishings in your equipment, choosing a proper cable, can deliver you a good distance with out horrendous costs. Customers have to choose …